Spooky, Scary, Eerie…Glamping?

We here at GGG love us a good campfire ghost story…and after talking to some fellow campers and glampers about their most far-out campsite stories, we thought…what about some REAL ghost stories?

Here is a quick list of some of the most HAUNTED places you can GLAMP at!

They are definitely on our bucket list! Which one are you most tempted to brave?


Calico Ghost Town, California  

Once a booming mine town in the middle of the desert between California and Nevada, Calico was suddenly deserted….luckily for us you can still GLAMP here…and see for yourself what’s left!

Skidaway Island, Georgia 

Near Savannah, one of the places often called “the most haunted city in the US” its no surprise that this site made the list. Reports of disturbed spirits and restless cemeteries are not uncommon. Not to mention the creepy moss that covers everything…


Lewis Stringer Campsite, California 

After a sheep farmer spread the ashes of his deceased wife over the campsite almost a century ago, campers and glampers have been reporting strange activity and a ghost who moves your things while you sleep…


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