Quick, Cheap, and Easy Glamping Must-Haves!

So we were chatting with friends the other day who were asking:

Where did you get that for your trip?

How do you find these things!?

Isn’t all that stuff expensive?

So, we thought to try to help a little bit with ALL of those questions with a quick MINI-POST with links to some of our FAVORITE Glamping Must-Haves! Bonus? These are all from Amazon (a major key source for us when looking for all things GLAMP-TASTIC). Just click on the photos to access the products directly! Quick! Cheap! Easy! Just as promised 🙂



1. AWESOME Floaties!

It’s no secret that we here at Girls’ Glamping Guide love all things GIRLY and anything that helps us have fun by the water! Needless to say, these are some of the best floats we’ve seen lately. We have the Tropical Tahiti 6 person float-and let’s just say…INSTANT PARTY. a

2. Multi-function GLAMP Decor

We’ve said it before, and we will say it again…When glamping, FUNCTION IS KEY. We love cute stuff as much as the next seasoned glampers, but when you’re packing, and REPACKING, trust me, you’re going to wish you had thought of how many ways you could use each and every item. So here are some of our classic suggestions…

Mandala Tapestries:
These beauties are the QUEENS of multi-function. Tent/Glamper decor? Check. Bedspread? Check. Beach blanket? Check. Picnic in style? Check. You get the picture. Here are some stunners that won’t break the budget or your suitcase…

Glampsite Lighting:

Ok, so this seems pretty straightforward, but there really are two functions to this category. Adding some adorable string lights can really take your spot from “campground” to “Glampsite!” in a flash. Double duty? You bet! You’ll use less of battery or kerosene powered torches or lanterns because your decor will have built in lighting for you to see at night!


Carrying containers:

Again, seems logical to pack everything in a tub or whatever, and haul it to your location. HOWEVER, and trust us from experience on this one…You end up packing other carrying containers inside carrying containers. It’s true. So instead of packing your picnic basket inside another tub, or your kitchen box inside another box, look for multi-purpose objects that can be used to transport on the way and organize while there!

Ps. WE LOVE the picnic basket backpack, that will carry all your needed cutlery and plates on the way to camp AND on the way to a picnic! Major Double Duty!

3. Little Things that Make a Big Difference!

These little trinkets are the kind of things, that when added up, really transform a trip from camping to GLAMPING. They are often the smallest, easiest to carry, and least expensive, but often forgotten. Try your hand at some of our favorites to make your next trip truly unforgettable.

S’mores Making Supplies:

Elevate your campfire dessert session and ditch the burnt sticks or old coat hangers….



Mini Cast Iron Skillets:

How adorable are these? These durable little babies can withstand cooking over a grill, a fire, or even coals. Now you can make individual scrambles and hashes in the morning, and let everybody customize their own smores dip at night…


Toiletry Organizers:

Don’t let a trip to the campground bathrooms dull your day! Keep everything safe, dry, and organized in a cute and colorful hanging organizer. Makes for easy showering, and even easier packing!

Hope you loved some of our favorites as much as we do! Now get our there and GLAMP! xox.

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