IKEA : Glamping Finds

Hi all! So today I went to our newly opened IKEA and wanted to share some of the best Glamping finds I saw while there.

There were SO MANY, so this is just a short list of some of my favorites/most affordable things!

Plastic Plates, Cups & Bowls : $1.99

These are so cute and INSANELY cheap. Six for under two dollars!? How is that even possible? These are the plates (each pack is multicolor, which is great for those of you who don’t like to use paper products) but there were also cups, bowls, and utensils.

Also great if you want to assign a color to each glamper to avoid mix up!

Every single one of these random kitchen items : prices vary by item 

The selection that IKEA has of inexpensive, colorful, and useful kitchen gadgets is endless. Mind you, these are most likely applicable for longer trips, hardcore GLAMpers, and those of you using a trailer or RV. But I suggest taking a look and I’m sure you’ll find at least a couple things you’ll get a lot of use from.

Favorites: egg slicer, scissor multi-packs, hand citrus juicers

Fairy Lights : Prices vary on style 

Are these not so adorable? They had a surprising selection of lights, both white and multicolor. Perfect for bedazzling your glampsite at night!

Dry Food Storage : $3.99

We all know keeping food fresh and dry during a glamp-a-thon can be a challenge. These are great for home, and we have all probably seen them filled with our favorite cereals, but why not use them for anything else you need to keep fresh? Oatmeal, pancake mix, glitter…

Specialty Seasonal Decor : Prices vary by style 

This summer collection currently at our store is TOO CUTE. Perfect for the extra girly Glampers out there. Plastic trays, napkins, tea towels, tablecloth, aprons…everything! Would make for a really great Glamping brunch or party.

Honorable mentions: 

  1. Bedding 
  2. Pillows
  3. Tupperware (I got a 17pc set for under $5) 
  4. Towels 
  5. Fold flat storage boxes 

Let us know what your favorite IKEA finds are!

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