Hot Dollar Tree Finds for Summer!

Hi glampers!

Summer is finally upon us, and for most of us that means more time outdoors and more GLAMPING! However, there is no need to break the bank as you prep for all the fun you’re going to have! We recently went to the Dollar Tree to check out what kind of DEALS we could spot!

1. Water Fun!


We loved the idea of stocking up on these awesome water-friendly noodles and squirt toys for only $1 each! These would be awesome for any glampsite near a lake, rive, or ocean. And, even if you’re nowhere near a large body of water, there is a list of all kinds of NOODLE HACKS outside the pool!

2. Travel Beauty and Toiletry Supplies 

Travel bottles
Travel bottles
The Dollar Tree is a great place to get small bottles to pack things like lotion, shampoo, and body wash. Just like you would use for travel anywhere, these bottles let you take all your glamazon and hygiene supplies without all the wasted space!

3. Party Supplies!

Glow Sticks of Every Shape and Size
Glow Sticks of Every Shape and Size
I was honestly shocked by the variety of glow sticks available for $1 each! These would be great for any parties, bonfires, dinners, or special occasions at a glampsite.  But, it gets better…there are many practical uses for glow sticks at a campsite too!

Also in the photo above…solar powered stake lights! Great for finding your way after the sun goes down or making a campsite boundary. They even had red, white and blue ones!

4. Some food supplies


We were super impressed with the selection of condiments and non-perishables available for a dollar! We think these would be awesome for summer bonfire cookouts and BBQs! Bonus: many come in smaller sizes, which are less expensive and take up less space!

5.Summer Decor


We found that our fellow glampers are generally as big of fans of a themed tablescape as anybody! The selection of summertime decor and paper goods was ADORABLE. They also had everything from matching plastic cups to plates and straws with flamingos!


Have you discovered any awesome dollar store glamping finds? Share with us!

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