Glamping on a Budget

Hello fellow Glampers!

So today is real talk on real life Glamping. And how to do it on a real-world budget.

As you may have noticed from our Instagram posts, we do love some of the “finer” details of Glamping. However, until our money tree in the backyard is blooming, we have to be smart like most everybody else!

Here are a few tips we have gathered along the way to help:

1. Set a budget and set Glamping funds aside. 

Just like you would set money aside for a vacation and decide on what your time and money budget would be, we do for Glamping trips. This creates so much less stress!

  • How long will your trip be?
  • What do you feel comfortable spending in preparation and then while there?
  • What do you already have?
  • What do you NEED for this trip that you don’t have?

Ps. We LOVE digit for saving up Glamping funds without realizing they are ever put aside.

2. Research smart budget-friendly Glamping ideas 

  • Pinterest, Instagram, and blogs all have great ideas on things to cook, do, and pack that won’t break the bank

3. Get creative in your shopping 

  • Garage sales, LetGo, Offer Up, and Goodwill are all great places to find Glamping supplies that are usable or can be glammed-up for far less than buying new. Bonus? It’s good for the environment to reuse and upcycle!
  • The dollar store!!! We are in LOVE with the dollar stores near us. So much so we have a WHOLE blog post coming about budget finds there…

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