Glamping Meals! Yum!

What are your go-to glamping dishes!?
When planning delicious meals for your glamping trip, take the THREE P’s into consideration:



There are so many yummy meals that hold up well during travel and in an ice chest, that are also easy and quick to make!
Our standbys:
🌮 Carne asada tacos!

▫️ pre-marinated carne asada (or pollo asada if you prefer chicken!) is available in most grocery stores’ meat departments! It travels well and as long as it’s kept at a safe temperature can be cooked even a day or two into your trip. Pack some tortillas and salsa, along with whatever other toppings you like (we like Tapatío Hot Sauce and avocados), for a simple and quick way to cook with VERY few tools. Plus, with endless gourmet updates, you’ll never get sick of them!
🌯 Breakfast burritos!

▫️similar to tacos, the “extras” are up to you! But a dozen eggs, a pack of bacon, and a frying pan are all you need to whip up some bacon and egg burritos to get your day started!

▫️when it comes to portable and non-perishable, what’s easier to travel with than dry pasta and jarred/canned pasta sauce? This one works even if you don’t have a camp stove! You can boil water over a fire with much less risk of burning dinner, since the pasta just needs to bubble away. Drain, add sauce, and PRESTO! Dinner is served 🍴
🍫Upgraded s’mores

▫️ you may have noticed we over here at GGG LOVE our s’mores. A classic version is always on the menu- but how about trying an updated recipe or two on your next trip? Try using strawberry flavored marshmallows, or cookies and cream chocolate from HERSHEY’S to mix it up. Or, the version we are dreaming of: key lime marshmallows from Small Batch Sweets with white chocolate 😍
Comment below with your favorite Campsite Dishes!!!

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