Glamping Finds: Bass Pro Shops

So on a whim today, I decided to pop into the local Outdoor Wold/Bass Pro Shops to see if this hunstman’s paradise had anything a Glamping duo could use.

Absolutely massive location



This store is so massive that I really only explored about 10-15%. However, I think it has some really awesome finds for Glampers.

1. Cooking supplies

batter box : allows you to coat and sift your chicken, fish, shrimp before frying
You know we love our S’mores!
Our camp kitchen is different, but they had a great option and it was on sale for $120

2. Glampsite essentials

Every imaginable size cooler
Classic lanterns

3. Camp-friendly Foods! 

Tins of double chocolate mix and vintage style camp mugs

Love this! Dry ingredients to make soups/chili with other canned items

Waterproof containers of biscuits/gravy/cobbler mixes

YUM. Flavored maple syrups!

If you have a store near you, or have found great Glamping goodies, let us know in the comments!!! Happy Glamping!

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